Monday, August 1, 2011

Doctors say the darndest things

I'm sitting here trying to study for the GMAT but all I keep thinking about and looking at is my foot. After the aspiration (fluid drain) that my surgeon did on my "alien baby" Thursday, everything was looking good. That is until Saturday night when I noticed a strange, thick yellowy/greenish color just under the surface of the skin. I barely touched it and it gushed out all over my foot. Yeah.... Way TMI I know. :-) But anyways, I kept an eye on it and by Sunday, I was sure that I was getting an infection. Being the hard headed person I am, I planned to just treat it myself, but my mom insisted I see the doc. As we all know, mamma knows best. So I said "yes ma'am" and went to see a doc at Stanford this morning. He looked at it and to my surprise, told me it looked great. I wasn't sure we were looking at the same foot. When I look at the open, oozy, partially crusted wound all I can say is "eeewwwwww!" But apparently my doc found it so "beautiful" that he even took picture of it on his iPhone. Well, ok so the pic was for comparison in case it does get worse, but for now he said it looked beautiful. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. 
Doctor Cartoon

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Unknown said...

Oh my! I always thought green and yellow inside, especially when it comes pouring to the outside means NO WAY. Well I always loved to pop my zits in my younger days, and then it got better, so maybe that is the case here too. It came out on it's own and moving on in the healing process. Good Luck!!