Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Feelin' Feisty

Last night I finally had a chance to see Feist in concert! Wooo! Mushaboom ;-) I've been waiting over two years to see her live. She (Leslie Feist) took a couple years off and mainly performed in Canada/ Upstate NY (which is still basically Canada). Seeing her perform at The Warfield in San Francisco was well worth the wait. She mostly played songs off her latest album, Metals. She is surprisingly AMAZING live. She has great energy and is very playful with the crowd. I also loved her outfit from head to toe!

Still feeling the high from last night's concert, I decided to share one of my more "off the beaten path" training playlists with you. I listen to a giant variety of music and my tastes often steer far from the "norm". When it comes to the music I choose to workout to, and yes, I LOVE training to music, my playlists are truly a reflection of my mood (or the mood I need, at the time, to have the best workout possible).

I don't believe that workout music always needs to be super dancy-like pop beats, cranked-up bass hip hop beats, or angry rock music... granted some days it is for me. But most days, I just like to listen to what makes me happy and smile inside (and out). Here's a sample of some of the songs I've been enjoying while running and cross training lately. These songs definitely wouldn't get the job done in the weight room for me (when I need to tap into a bit more force and power...GRRRRrrr) but they work well on a light training day when I'm just out for a recovery workout. These tunes may not be your cup of tea, but their just an example of how you can considering varying your playlist based on the intensity of your workout. ENJOY! ~xoxo

Use this link to preview/purchase any of the songs below in iTunes! 
(Also use the link to listen to the "Climbing Walls", and "Stop Trying" which unfortuntately won't play in the player below.) *Sorry Apple mobile users (myself included)... the playlist below requires FLASH to see it. I'm still working on trying to find a solution. But for now, you can use the link above. :-)

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